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Midearth (also known as Midnation) is a state in southern Europe. Residents of this state are referred to as midons or semids.

Economy and geography[]

Midearth is located on the territory of Sicily and Sardinia, southern Italy and in the south of the Balkans. The capital is Midnas Tirith. After a major military campaign by Midearth in the late year of 2018, Israel, previously pledged by Emperor Varanopode to the Ottomans, was liberated and placed under semidish rule.

All areas are mainly connected by waterways. Midearth owns the largest merchant navy and naval force in Europe. The most important export goods of the country are ships, fish and naval accessories, the most important trade is the shipping, transport and logistics trade by sea.

Midearth guarantees the safety of trade routes throughout the Miditerranean.


Midearth was founded by the residents of Midearth in honor of MidnaChan86. From here, the Midonian world was created. It represents a detachment from more oppressive worlds.

Since the 08.06.2018, the Union Parliament of the Midonian Union has met regularly at the Palace of Parliament in West Midearth, Sardinia.