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Kiesvan Rusv

The Kiesver Rusv (often called Svjetunion, officially "Svjetic Republic of the Kiesver, the Rusv and the Tatars") is a state in the east of Europe. Once this state was part of the Soviet Union, where it became independent of it in a revolution.

Currently, the Rusv are ruled by the People's Protector Salvator and are members of the Belgrade Confederation. The prime minister is Borisv Schmalzin.


The Svjetunion is located in Eastern Europe. It borders the Sovjetunion to the east, the Baltic States to the north, Poland and Prussia to the west, and the Hungarian Spinach Ninja, the Golden Horde and the Criminal Land to the south.

Crimea, as well as much of the north coast of the Black Sea, are owned by the Kiesver Rusv, making it a major trading partner for the Soviet Union and the spinerards.


The largest export of the Svjetunion is electricity, which is produced in a total of 15 nuclear power plants, all of which bear the names Chernobyl 1, Chernobyl 2, etc. This makes the Svietunion one of the largest consumers of electricity in Europe.

Agriculture is also an integral part of the trade of the gravel Rus. Through agriculture, the state brings more than 70 million tonnes of grain and 20 tonnes of poppies to the market each year.


There has been unrest for several years because of the large Midonian minority in the Svjetunion area, along with the targeted starvation by the head of the Soviet Union. These culminated in the revolution orchestrated by Svictor Svolosvey. The revolution began with the pretext of overthrowing the Soviet elite, which lives in abundance while the proletariat has to starve. On March 16, 2014, the Kiesver Rusv declared himself independent.

The main factions in the war were the Marxists, who were led by the Svictor Svolovey, as well as the blue army, which was supported by the Trolman Empire under Emperor Stefan's power and wants to crown a king who protects the proletariat and the nobility in Schacht holds. There were also several small factions and terrorist groups that took part in the war, such as the Volgegardt Protective Squadron and the Erpelal State led by Erpelfund bin Essen.

On 01.06 the civil war came to an end and Stefan was crowned king of the Kiesver Rusv. Critics call him a ducktator.

On the 27th of June, the Soviet Union launched a campaign against the Soviet Union, which broke out the Second Kiesver War. This took place mainly in the Belarusian part of the country and ended twenty days later with a White Peace.

On 13.07 Salvador pledged the lands of the Kiesver Rusv to South Sudan, with the exception of the radioactively irradiated area around Chernobyl, because the Soviet Union gave away all its territory to Scotland and SV lost its faith in humanity as a result.